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FitFUTURE Parent Newsletter


FitFUTURE is a series of parent newsletters developed by NUTRIKIDS to promote fitness and nutrition for children and families by providing strategies for better living.  This newsletter is brought to you by the Rutherford County Schools Food Service Department.

Volume 5

Issue 1 - 5 DOs and DON'Ts for Supermarket Survival
Issue 2 - Could the Media Have a Negative Impact on Your Child's Health?
Issue 3 - Do Children Need Nutrition Supplements?
Issue 4 - Fueling and Hydrating Active Children
Issue 5 - 5-2-1-0 A Healthy Active Living Initiative
Issue 6 - It's Not Just What You Eat... It's How Much!
Issue 7 - Today Is Meatless Monday
Issue 8 - Supporting Good Health at School:  Tips for Parents
Issue 9 - Taking Time for Breakfast is Time Well Spent

Volume 4

Issue 1 - 20 Healthy 100 Calorie Snacks
Issue 2 - Addressing Your Child's BMI Report Card
Issue 3 - Bright, Strong, Healthy, Happy Children Start at Your Dining Table
Issue 4 - Fueling Your Child's Performance:  Nutrition for the Young Athlete
Issue 5 - Gardening with Children Cultivates More Than Food
Issue 6 - Do You Suffer From PORTION DISTORTION
Issue 7 - Turn Your Diet Green in 4 Simple Steps
Issue 8 - Understanding the USDA's National School Lunch Program
Issue 9 - Use Your Kitchen as a Learning Lab

Volume 3

Issue 1 - Childhood Obesity:  Advice for Parents
Issue 2 - Eating Well Together:  5 Tips for Making Healthy Eating a Family Affair
Issue 3 - Help Your Child Develop a Healthy Body Image
Issue 4 - Ingredients for Healthier Home-Cooked Meals
Issue 5 - Kid's Party Foods Get a Healthy Make-over
Issue 6 - Avoid Food Waste and Save Money
Issue 7 - Balancing Meals for Children and Visualizing Portion Size
Issue 8 - Getting your Children Involved in Sports and Other Activities
Issue 9 - A Week-At-A-Glance:  Seven Days of Healthy Family Fun

Volume 2

Issue 1 - 4 Tips for Keeping Your Food Safe and Your Family Healthy
Issue 2 - The Whole Story:  How to Make Half Your Grains Whole
Issue 3 - Child's Play Offers More Than Fun
Issue 4 - MyPyramid's 7 Key Messages for Eating Well and Being Active
Issue 5 - Ingredients for Healthy Bones
Issue 6 - A Parent's Guide to Smarter Snacking
Issue 7 - Being Active Together:  25 Tips For Family Fitness
Issue 8 - Want Your Kids to Eat Better?
Issue 9 - It's Time for a Great American Screen Wean!

Volume 1

Issue 1 - New Foods, New Year:  Parenting Strategies for Good Nutrition in 2008 
Issue 2 - Family Meals Provide More Than Good Nutrition
Issue 3 - Breakfast Remains the Most Important Meal of the Day

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