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Student Behavior Information


In our school, we use a colored clip chart to chart student’s behavior during the day. The chart consists of 7 different colors. Each day the children begin on green. If the teacher or another staff member catches the student doing something exceptional, they can move their clip up to blue. If they move up to blue, they will receive 1 class dojo point (see more about Class Dojo below). The next color to move up to is pink. If they move to pink they will receive 2 dojo points for that day. The highest color they can achieve is purple. If they move up to purple, they will receive 3 class dojo points. This is for a student who has been an outstanding role model throughout the day.   Students move up to blue, pink, or purple based on the teacher’s or staff member’s discretion. It could be earned by helping a friend, following directions when other classmates are not, etc. If a student is not obeying our classroom rules, they can be clipped down to yellow. This means that a student receives a verbal warning. If they continue to not make smart choices, they can be clipped down to orange, Orange means that the teacher will choose a consequence for the student and they will also lose a dojo point. Consequences in our class are at the teacher’s discretion based on the problem. The consequence could be: walking at recess, silent lunch, loss of a privilege (iPad, loss of classroom job for the day, etc.). If a student persists, they will be clipped down to red, they will lose 2 dojo points and their parent will be contacted. If we contact you about your child’s behavior, please discuss with your child how they can change their behavior for the next day at school. It is important each day that every student comes ready to learn and be an active participant in our class! Students will color in their color each day on their behavior calendar in their green folder. You will need to sign in each box where the child has colored in. 


Pride Paws are given out school wide from teachers and staff members. They can be given out at any time, so students should always be ready! If a student receives a pride paw, they will be given 1 dojo point. Students will turn in Pride Paws to the teacher and he/she will turn them into the office for a school-wide drawing each week. A winner is chosen school-wide each week. You can find more information about the school-wide behavior plan in the handbook.


In our classroom, we will use a website/app called Class Dojo. Class Dojo allows teachers to track students’ behaviors electronically. Students earn points when they are on task, showing kindness, using time wisely, etc. Students can lose points if they are off task, being unkind, etc.  Students and the teacher can keep track of their points electronically and on an individual punch card. Each punch card has 11 levels to be punched based on the individual classroom rewards. When a student earns enough points, they can bring their card to be punched for that level. There is a reward chart located in the classroom letting the students know what they can trade their punch card in for. Parents can log on and see their student’s behavior for the day/week. Parents/Teachers can also send messages/photos through Class Dojo.

We will use Class Dojo for our entire class and groups, too. There will be class-wide rewards, too.

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