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 Nestled in the picturesque foothills of the Appalachian Mountains of western North Carolina lies the rural community of Ellenboro. From 1924 until the spring of 2004, our school was located on Cherry Mountain Street in Ellenboro. During this time our school witnessed many changes. In its inception Ellenboro was a community school. Many children began their education in the first grade and graduated from the twelfth grade at Ellenboro School.

As the surrounding community grew and the population increased, it became necessary to add on to the original structure. A new cafeteria was constructed in 1958. In 1962 East Rutherford High School was opened, and Ellenboro became a K-8 school. The facility had another facelift in 1977 when the Davis Gym was dedicated, and then again in 1985 when a new, separate building to serve seventh and eighth graders was constructed. In the early 1990's Rutherford County embraced the middle school concept and in 1995 the sixth, seventh, and eighth graders were moved to the new East Middle School, and Ellenboro became a K-5 elementary school with larger district boundaries.

Nine years later in August, 2004, our newly constructed school, located approximately two miles from the original site, welcomed students for the first time. An ultra-modern facility, situated on 79.6 acres, houses approximately 600 students in grades Pre-K - 5. Our facility boasts the latest technology in our media center and computer labs. Located in the center of the building, our cafeteria and multi-purpose room are outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment. Near the front entrance you will find our reception area, administrative offices, as well as conference rooms and a sick room.

As proud as we are of our new school, many nostalgic reminders of our former school can be found. A ticket booth "stands guard" at the entrance to the office complex. This memento of the Ellenboro Fair serves as a reminder of the integral role the fair has played in our school and community. A mural depicting scenes from the fair greets all who walk through the halls. Although the location of Ellenboro School has changed, our philosophy remains the same. Our commitment to the idea that given a strong foundation, caring atmosphere, proper guidance, and encouragement all children can and will learn. It remains our steadfast goal that each child be given an opportunity to develop the skills that will last a lifetime. To that end, we as the faculty and staff of Ellenboro School are dedicated.

Written by Joan Clark

Ellenboro School Song

Because at one time our school included a high school, we have a school song. The lyrics were written by Merle Price and the melody is "Danny Boy":

Oh! Ellenboro, our own dear Alma Mater
To you we give our love that's strong and true
To you we give our loyal deep devotion
Oh! Ellenboro, our hearts belong to you.
And now to where the wide, wide world may call us
Where duty bids us we will go.
It matters not how far the path we follow.
Oh! Ellenboro, Oh! Ellenboro, we love you so.